Our ethos at Farm Lane Landscaping is to create a space perfectly fitting to each and every one of our clients needs, whilst being conscious of the natural environment that we are playing with. We take due care to make sure that we are enhancing the landscape we are taking over - not only for our clients, but for all endemic and natural beings within the locality of the space.

This all comes together in the process involved in creating, building and maintaining your garden.

• Initial Free Consultation - This is where Jake gets to hear your ideas. Plans for the gardens and the space can be explored for its new beginning.

• Survey of site - Measurements and topography of the site is taken and can vary in cost greatly depending on the ambition of the design and the complexity of the site.

• Quote for Design work - This will be the cost for the design and research for the development of the garden and will including Surveying, Design Briefings, Concept Plans and the Final Design. 

• Brief, Concept and Design Consultation - Time for a budget to be picked, be it little or large, this will help focus on what will be achievable for your garden! Further ideas can be discussed and developed, conceptual plans can be created and discussed, what is to be kept and what will go from your current garden is always a sticking  point. Basic 3D models of the garden can begin to be created.

• Final Design Plan - The final design will be presented. This will come with construction plans and drawings for more technically specific parts of the design as well as the use of specific fixings and fitments to create a garden of unique craft and detail.

• Landscape Construction Plan and Construction Quotation - This will follow the Final Design and will be of assistance to our Landscape team so they can build the garden to the required look and specification. This will also be where the construction quote for all the desired materials, fixings and plants will be presented.

• Planting Plan - To keep your mind off the construction site outside, during the building process, a planting plan can be finalised, to establish the colour, texture and structure of your garden, with an ethos to enhance the local habitat.

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This all comes together in the process involved in creating, building and maintaining your garden.

Designer and Head Gardener - Jake Sutcliffe

Garden Ethos & Design Process