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Hampton Court 2019 - Global Impact Garden - 'On the Brink' - Award Winner

Having worked in gardens throughout my life, first in North Yorkshire and now in London, I started Farm Lane Landscaping with the aim of bringing nature into the city.  I like to act with the natural environment, proactively preparing and maintaining gardens for each season.  I am passionate about filling gardens and green spaces with habitats for urban ecosystems of birds, bees, insects and small animals to thrive.  

I went to school in the North Yorkshire dales, before moving to Uppingham School. I then trained as an artist at Northumbria Contemporary Fine Art School where I focused on creating video and sound installations.  After graduating I worked as a chef in the award winning Lido Cafe in Bristol, which coincidentally also won the gold award for Bristol in Bloom. As much as I enjoyed working in the kitchen, the pull of being outside, creating spaces rather than dishes, was too immense; I have been in gardens ever since, swapping the grey for the green.


From the seemingly different disciplines of art installations, cooking and garden design, the skills I’ve learnt filter into the ethos of Farm Lane Landscaping;  an eye for detail, hard work, creative concepts, specialist plant knowledge and of course, a positive outlook! We do try and push organic techniques as much as possible which will only help the health of your garden in the long run.

I enjoy developing relationships with my clients to provide a personalised professional service .  I’m looking forward to working with you to create your perfect garden!


Jake Sutcliffe, Founder